june-2012Lana Lea Short, I am a paranormal erotic romance writer.  Born and raised in Southern Californian.  Reading is my guilty pleasure, I’ve been a book addict since the age of eight.  When I’m not reading I enjoy gardening, cooking and Texas Hold’em Poker. I am married to a wonderful husband who lets me be me, though he may not totally understand his wife’s crazy ways.  I enjoy writing about strong, smart and loving women, who happen to show their softer side when it suits them and the alpha males they’re drawn to.

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Email: LanaLeaShort@Gmail.com

Twitter: LanaShort@LanaLShort

Amazon Page:  https://www.amazon.com/Lana-Lea-Short/e/B01BS37HN0/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28700255-a-selkie-s-magic?ac=1&from_search=true


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