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A Selkie’s Magic, Book 1 in the new fantasy series The Selkies Heart.  This thrilling tale of intrigue, passion, myths, and legends will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens when a sexy surfer from California meets a Selkie prince.

Aileana Sutherland is a strong-willed, independent young Southern California surfer who decides to move to Scotland, her father’s homeland. She’s prompted to relocate after an awful heart-wrenching breakup with her boyfriend, who she caught having sex with another woman Scotland is the perfect place to lick her wounds and move on with her life.

There, she runs into a man from her past, Kendrick Morgan. A man with gorgeous long, dark hair with the body of a god; a man with a secret. He happens to be a shapeshifting Selkie Prince, a creature of Celtic myths and legends.

Kendrick and his Selkie clan are tasked with protecting the locals from evil Unseelies in the form of Finfolk. There have been reports of kidnapping, but when Aileana is abducted, will Kendrick be able to save the woman he’s given his heart to?

Content Notes: Spicy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sea Creatures, Selkies.




The Selkie swam into his undersea cave that contained his human clothing. Last evening he’d had a vision he would find his life mate in the area above the sea caves. He needed to find her as his vision was too strong to disregard. She was a well-built, sturdy young Scot lass with sparkling green eyes and long dark auburn hair which flowed to her waist. He had seen her in his dream, dancing at the local Highland Gathering. The young woman in his dreams was Mackenzie Sutherland’s destiny.

He strode into the clan gathering and Highland with her kilt and hair whipping around her tight young body. Her smile flashed as she moved to the intricate steps of her dance. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes blazed with a heat which drew him like a moth to a flame. Around and around she swirled and kicked to the music of the bagpipes. As she spun around, he could see her beautiful long legs and the sweet curve of her rounded bottom. Her waist, he realized he could circle with his hands. Her bust was full and appeared to be a plump handful. Her complexion was pale as peaches he’d read about in books from her world. While he enjoyed her dance, passion heated his blood, and Mackenzie recognized she was the young woman from his dream.

Skye loved the dancing and the way she felt as the men’s eyes remained on her. In her young girl’s mind, she understood the power she held over them. She viewed the young dark-haired stranger who watched her with a lustful gleam in his eye. He was a large virile man who possessed a strength about him.

He was the most handsome man she had ever seen and he was considerably taller than the men in her village. His jet-black hair was long and hung down his back in shining silken waves. His eyes were deep brown like the whiskey her father drank. His skin was smooth and tan. His body was hard and taut with muscles which were used to hard work. He bore broad shoulders, which tapered down to a narrow waist and a flat belly.

It was his wicked smile that did her in and made her heart beat wildly beneath her breast. Skye was not so young at sixteen to not know what would be on his mind. Her body and her mind were thinking similar thoughts to his, but without the experience he understood. The closest Skye had ever come to experience, were the naughty books she’d read; which her father had left hidden under the cushion of his favorite overstuffed chair. As Skye glanced at the tall, long-haired man she was sure he knew what to do with those forbidden desires.

Chapter 1



As families go, Aileana thought of hers as normal—whatever that may mean. Her family always took their summer vacations in Durness in the Northwestern Highlands of Scotland. Her Seanmhair which is Gaelic for grandmother, name was Skye Sutherland, her father’s mother. Skye lived in a converted crofter cottage on the rim of the cliffs above the sea. The cottage was constructed of the same stone as the low walls near the cottage. She’d always loved going back each year to her father’s childhood home. The Highlands of Scotland were more than the five thousand three hundred and thirty-three  miles from Aileana’s home in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. There were no malls and no traffic, no housing tracts in the Highlands—only the beautiful green hills and cliffs above the sea.

Staying at her home above the sea had always been her favorite place to be. She loved to explore the area on her own. The redheaded beauty enjoyed hiking the sea cliffs and checking out the seashore to see what treasures she might find in her wanderings.

Her sister Adaira, was two years younger. She would sometimes join Aileana in her daily adventures, but Adaira showed little interest in exploring the Highlands or the seashore. Adaira spent most of her time in the village with her girlfriends.

The summer of Aileana’s fourteenth birthday, she encountered someone special. His name was Kendrick Morgan, they met by chance.

As she walked along the shore looking out to the rocks beyond the surf, she noticed a raft of seals swimming among the towering quartzite pillars. The seals were so sleek and agile as they glided through the waves near the rocks. The seals watched her with big soulful eyes so full of mischief as she ambled along the shore.

It made her wish she’d brought her shortboard from home. She realized the surf here was not as good as up the coast in Thurso which had an awesome right-hand break. Still, she thought it would have been wonderful to jump on her stick and paddle out and sun herself among the seals.

On one of her daily hikes, Aileana came across a small sea cave, which in itself was not a big a deal. The area around Durness was known for a big sea grotto called Smoo Cave. The cavern was the important tourist attraction of this area. The small fissure, she found, was not too far down the beach from her Seanmhair’s home.

Her Seanmhair’s cottage was near Durness and about ten miles from Cape Wrath. As she came up to the small sea cave she noticed a young man coming from the mouth of the cave.

She was ever the friendly So Cal surfer type, so she waved hello and said, “Hey dude. What’s up?”

He was tall and lean and well-built, narrow hips and a broad chest. His sculpted body was smooth and sleek without hair except on his head. Talk about a six-pack; he had an eight pack going on, and he took her breath away. Taking Aileana’s breath away was no easy feat, coming from the area she lived in. You could see rock stars and gorgeous hunky actors almost daily on Ventura Blvd. His eyes were the color of dark obsidian and his ink black hair fell to the middle of his back. She thought he must be in a rock band or something like that. His skin was tan and wet from swimming in the sea. He possessed a wonderful smile that showed his perfect bright white teeth. His deep voice was smooth as honey with a warm, welcoming Scottish brogue.

“Hello,” he replied.

His full name was Kendrick Broden Morgan; Kendrick told her he lived in the area and enjoyed swimming here with his friends. Aileana asked where his friends were? This new acquaintance told her that they had left earlier before she got to the beach. Kendrick inquired what her name was, and she told him, “Aileana Sutherland”.

“Ye have a strange way of talking. Where are ye from?”

“I’m from an area near Los Angeles, California.”

“American? What brings ye here to Scotland?”

“Yeah, I’m American, but my family roots are here. My Seanmhair lives up on the cliffs close by. My Dad was a local guy.”

“What took your Da to California? Is he the forgotten Beach Boy?”

She laughed and said, “Dad moved away after college. An ocean research company near Malibu recruited him.”

Kendrick and Aileana met each day for the rest of the week; they talked and swam in the ocean. He told her about his family, he was the second son in a family of five siblings. He had an older brother named Callum who was busy learning how to take over his father’s job. His youngest brother was Duncan, a wild and rebellious fellow who liked to see how far he could push the limits of his father’s patience. Kendrick also had two sisters. His older sister was Sorcha, she was married and had a family of her own. His younger sister Ceana worked in the village and still lived with her parents. He told her about his parents, who were so in love that they acted as if they were still newlyweds. He said someday he hoped he would be lucky and find that type of love his parents enjoyed. He told her that he worked in town part time and part time for his father.

On the last day of that week; Aileana’s flight back to California was to depart late in the evening. They met in the morning by the sea cave again. And it was then Kendrick gave her a beautiful pink pearl. The pearl was in the shape of a teardrop and had the most amazing luster. It was about the size of an almond. He told her this was to remember their friendship and time to together.

Aileana thought, Like I would ever forget him, not likely.



“The first book in the Selkies Heart series is entertaining and very sensual. With characters that have engaging personalities and a plot filled with a wide range of diverse situations, there is never a dull moment as the story progresses. Selkies have always intrigued me, and Lana Lea Short certainly makes these supernatural beings come across as totally convincing at all times. A seal having the ability to shed its pelt and become human is truly fascinating, and the author adds her own inventive ideas to the folklore surrounding these wondrous creatures. By the time the story ended, I wished for the chance to actually meet a Selkie. A SELKIE’S MAGIC is captivatingly original.

Although Aileana Sutherland enjoyed living in Southern California when she was a teenager and doing lots of surfing, it was the trips made to see her grandmother in the Scottish Highlands that were the most memorable. During one summer visit, she even made friends with a local boy named Kendrick Morgan because they both loved anything having to do with the sea. Years later, Aileana has decided to stay for an extended period in Scotland. A bad ending to her relationship with a man in the states has her wanting to enjoy the peaceful environment around her grandmother’s cottage and only concentrate on the future. She wants to complete an article for a magazine while also taking advantage of the nearby ocean waters.

Kendrick still lives in the area and comes in contact with Aileana, but she has no idea about their encounter. He was in his seal form, but hopes they soon get to meet up as two humans. With him being the Selkie Prince, he would love to find a female who would make him a good partner, and he thinks their long-ago friendship could turn into something even more rewarding. But if one particularly wicked Finman gets his way, Kendrick will never have an opportunity to make Aileana his mate.

With many of the same scenes being shown through the alternating views of Kendrick and Aileana in third person, I got insight into how they each felt at a certain time. I could tell if they were happy, worried or fearful, as the author gave good reasons for their behavior during that occurrence. The couple definitely goes through a large number of emotions during the story, and Lana Lea Short had me experiencing each one along with them. Kendrick and Aileana are extremely passionate when it comes to expressing their desire for the other, and sex between them is often very lusty yet also caringly tender. There are other individuals to love in A SELKIE’S MAGIC along with the spirited main couple, and two of them are the delightful grandmother of Aileana plus the carefree brother of Kendrick. Their conduct and remarks fit them perfectly. There is even a villain to despise. I am glad this is a series, as I am eager to read more about the interesting Selkies.

The Scottish setting for the story is very well described with accurate facts. Some history is included, and several delicious meals that I wanted to try for myself are prepared. Anything pertaining to the Selkie legend is well-handled, and the more pages I read, the more I wanted to believe. A SELKIE’S MAGIC is enchantingly imaginative”—Always Reviewing

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